Published date: 25/04/2019

Signing the contract with Hai Linh Company Ltd., Lilama 18 JSC has become the first company in Vietnam to be responsible for fabricating and installing 03 LNG storage tanks with capacity of 219,000m3 in Ba Ria - Vung Tau. This has been the most complicated device in terms of technical requirements so far in the field of petroleum in Vietnam, LNG fuel (Liquid Naturel Gas) - liquefied natural gas working at -168 0C. All project materials was imported directly from Europe including welding rods.


Work schedule of project to March 2019


     With the design characteristic of tanks having 2 layers by Niken 9, the materials are not to be magnetised as required, and there was a distance between 2 layers, the performance with previous techniques became difficult. To meet these high requirements, Lilama 18 has equipped 04 more vertical systems for welding LNG/LPG tanks with one automatic side and 04 systems with two sides for welding tank perimeter, the front was automatic welding side and the rear covered remedy to protect welded joints. All project welders were trained by foreign technology transfer experts to assure that they could use, operate the new welding machines fluently, satisfying the welding procedures according to technical requirements. All welding electrodes, procedures and welders' skill were tested seriously to meet international standards for impact test at -190°C.




Operation of tank perimeter welding machine system​


     The new welding system under the control of Lilama 18’s skilled workers has been brought into play its useful and advantages to allow the implementation of welding of 02-layer tank easily which previously would be difficult to perform by normal welding techniques. The use of new welding system also helps Lilama 18 save the manpower, improve the labor productivity 2-3 times faster than before. Until now, Lilama 18 is constructing the two largest tanks, the tank TK202 has been completed for 9/13 outer layers, the tank of TK203 has been completed for 6/13 outer layers; the dome of 03 tanks is also fabricated by Lilama 18.

     Although having a lot of experience in construction and installation of vessels, implementing this project is both a challenge and an opportunity for Lilama 18 to master the new welding techniques, improve the experience while undertaking the projects directly with high technical requirements. Believing that with its capacity and experience, Lilama 18 will implement the project successfully to affirm the construction capacity of domestic companies.