Published date: 28/11/2014

Recently, at Lilama Corporation Head Office, it has happened a Contract signing Ceremony for execution of Nghi Son Petro-Chemical Project between Lilama Corporation and Lilama 18 Joint Stock Company.

    According to the signed Contract, Lilama 18 shall be responsible for performing erection of steel structure and equipment; fabrication and piping erection; finish painting, erection, cleaning and painting up the crude oil tanks among them. Lilama 18 shall erect 02 crude oil tanks with diameter up to 90 m in accordance with API standard (American Petroleum Institute). This is considered as the biggest tank in Viet Nam for the time being.

    Lilama 18 has formerly signed a contract for erection of underground piping at zone 1, zone 2. So, up to this time, the total major quantity undertaken by Lilama 18 at Nghi Son  petro-chemical Project comes up to 21,000 tons of steel structure and equipment; fabrication and erection of 430,000 ID process piping and 90,000 ID of underground piping.


Signing Contract for execution of Petro-chemical refinery Project.


    With big quantity of work and completion requirement in a short time, in order to assure time schedule and project quality, Lilama 18 has mobilized many construction equipment and manpower to serve for the project, especially there are 140 qualified of 6G welders  and 60 qualified welders of 3G. To be estimated at peak time there will be about 1500 Lilama 18’s employees working at the Project.

    As known before, Lilama 18 has marked good reputation at Dung Quat Oil Refinery Project for erection and fabrication work of many packages successfully. With much experience  and group of qualified manpower in professional working manner, we believe that Lilama 18 shall well perform the assigned packages at Nghi Son petrochemical refinery Project.