Published date: 17/11/2015

In recent years, Lilama 18 not only affirm its name and his position in domestic market but also cooperate with many international Clients to export equipment out to the foreign market. In which the fabrication of ore/coal handling equipment for thermal power plants, steel plants and mining plants rising out as a potential field.

   Only in a short period of time, Lilama 18 has achieved a lot of important results when many contracts are signed and performed successively.

   At the beginning of November, the portal scraper weighed 222 tons fabricated by Lilama 18 for Tenova Takraft GmbH (Germany) has been completed and approved for exporting to Project Koch Urea in USA.

   Before this time, on June, 2015, the fabrication contract of 05 Scrapers with quantity 1232 tons between Lilama 18 and Tenova – Takraft GmbH (Germany) has also been performed successively. After 8 months, the fabricated products made by Lilama 18 have been delivered in time and they are operating stably in Ma’aden Ras Al-Khair (Arabia Saudi).

   At Formosa Steel Plant Project, Lilama 18 has signed with the Contractor named Schade Lagertechnik GmbH (Germany) a manufacturing and erection Contract weighed 4360 tons consisting of 06 semi portal reclaimesr, 06 tripper cars, 02 stackers and 01 full portal reclaimer.

    At this project as well, Lilama 18 has cooperated with the Contractor named Sandvik Mining System (India) to fabricate and erect 05 reclaimers, 05 stacker, 02 bridge reclaimers, 02 stackers- cam- reclaimer with the total quantity up to 6500 tons.

    In 2012, Lilama 18 has also fabricated and assembled 02 reclaimers weighed 393 tons in Vung Ang 1 thermal Power plant Project for FL Smith Contractor.


Equipment exported Kock Urea (USA)


Portal Scraper exported to Arabia Saudi


Fabrication of Portal Reclaimer for Schade (Germany)


Fabrication & Erection of Semi Portal Reclaimer for Schade (Germany)


Fabrication & Erection Stacker for Sandvik (India) at Formosa Steel Plant




Fabrication & Erection of Shiploader stacker for Sandvik at Formosa Steel Plant




Fabrication & Erection of Reclaimer for FL Smith (Germany) at Vung Ang 1 Thermal Power Project